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I really love where I live.

Lately, I've been going out and visiting the cemeteries. Despite all the hype, Bonaventure actually is a beautiful cemetery, and also close by are Forest Lawn and Greenwich Cemeteries.

I've gotten some fantastic pictures that I posted on facebook here. [add me if i'm not already a friend... friendwhoring yay]
It's just so beautiful out there, calming and relaxing. Actually, Forest Lawn cemetery is hiring pre-need sales reps and I bet I would be good at [and enjoy] that. Even if Forest Lawn wasn't my favorite of the three. With my background in courses about Death&Dying, I'm sure I'd be a shoe-in, so I guess I'm going to go up there on Tuesday all dressed up-ish and take my resume and apply for a job selling funeral plots. YAY! The dino says I'm too energetic, but I think it's not a matter of energy, it's a matter of understanding. And I am understanding, if not always sympathetic. And if I'm selling pre-need plots [as in, no one is dead yet, but they're planning for their funeral ahead of time], I don't really need to be the *most* sympathetic person.
I was having a bad day on friday and so I went to bonaventure as a stress reliever. It really worked. I wandered a little, took some pictures, and relaxed by the water until I had to go to work and I felt a good bit better, even if things were horrible once I got to work.

I'm still battling with myself over whether or not to go to greece. I have to ask anne to watch the animals if I go, and face the wrath of nick and vas for going [although vas was the one tormenting me about the cheap airfares] and being gone for 3 weeks. And after talking to ma about it, it wouldn't be so bad to go just for a few weeks to Zakynthos and meet up with like marie and peter and pops and george and just literally, TAKE A VACATION. Ma will probably want to know if I go [and meet up with me, most likely] but I'm thinking if I do go, I won't tell her. I don't want her to meet up with me over there [too stressful] and I just want to relax. Maybe George still has my bike and I can bike to Alykanas and take the ferry to Kefallonia, or to Macherado and see the black Madonna. Or down to Keri to enjoy the caves. My travels would probably be limited by my being alone, but not too bad, and if I got desperate for a traveling companion, I might be able to talk peter into traveling with me. Plus I just need to get the rest of my stuff that I left there.

I keep thinking I need to get started writing again, but I lose momentum so quickly. Not having any deadlines makes it difficult to put aside the nonsense things I spend my time doing [lately it's snood and coloring books... yea I know, what am I, three?] and just DO it. But there's something to be said for goofing off, too. Plus, like I said, I've been trying to get out and explore savannah more. Anne was saying she wants to start a girls' adventure club type thing and I would be all about that. It just needs to happen, is all. My next two stops on the discovery [re-discovery?] of Savannah are Laurel Grove Cemetery [on the west side] and Wormsloe Plantation. I really want to visit Skidaway Island State Park, but getting there on bike might be kind of tricky because I would have to bike Diamond Causeway, which is likely to be dangerous. We shall see, though!
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