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I may have just acquired a new cat. I was grumping on my way home about a bitch at work and when I got home, I opened the back door to let the dogs out and I see them chasing something black that streaked across the yard. I thought nothing of it, probably just a squirrel but they kept barking at it, so I went outside and my neighbors were on the porch and when I looked over, I saw a small dark furry in one of my trees. I walk over and my neighbors tell me this cat had gotten attacked by the pits that live a couple doors down and she'd been hanging around for a few days now. I put the dogs inside and burke and get my ladder and pull the cat out of the tree, and she just sort of stayed at my feet, so I picked her up and inspected her. She has some hair knocked off of her and some scabs and matted fur [she's got medium length fur], and a big old pregnant belly [which she hissed and spit at me when I touched, so she must be ready to pop soon. . .], but she seems healthy. I called my vet and got an appointment to have her checked out tomorrow. She seems pretty sweet so far, but she doesn't much care for the dogs or even Burke, although she didn't mind eating his food when I brought her in.
She's tiny! I don't think she's more than 6mos or 7lbs, and a tortoiseshell with fuzzy ears. She's really cute. I suppose I'm a little disappointed that I'm going to have to abort her kittens, but I know it's better than ending up with 7 cats [and having to spay/neuter them all] and having to find homes for them. I wouldn't mind keeping her, but it's a little weird/funny, considering that JUST TODAY I was talking about how I love Burke but I didn't think I'd want to get another cat after him. I can't wait to hear what mom says about it. haha This is what I get for being an animal person! I get to spend my paycheck on an animal I didn't seek out. But I'm okay with that, I guess. I like her so far. She's definitely a pretty cat. I would take better pictures but my idiot camera is stuck on zoom and razrs have awful cameras.

She's so delicate!

And name suggestions are more than welcome. The vet's office just put her on the books as "stray" but I was thinking something stupid like "Turtle". I haven't really thought about that yet.
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