Esty Ess (keylolo) wrote,
Esty Ess

still alive, just not updating

the title says it all. I hit and passed my 26th birthday and my present to myself was losing my crappy razr and getting a new phone altogether.
Winter has come so things are dying down, and I thought I had gotten a raise but it was a simple clerical error, which sucks because it got my hopes up and then almost immediately was retracted, the difference coming out of the following paycheck. I thought it was pretty unfair to suffer from someone else's mistake, but I guess it's not my position to say anyone is wrong.
Trent somehow managed to simultaneously disappear and be an asshole at the same time so once and for all i told him to get lost. I've been hanging out with elena and quasi a lot and that's been fun, but I've been getting pretty drunk at the same time, so I have flashes of conversation with him that I remember but not much memory of what led up to them. All in good fun, though.
I dyed my hair for halloween and a week later, i'm still getting comments [and compliments] on it, so I guess that's a good thing, but for real this is the last time I'm dying it. Not that I mind it so much, but just the way people react to it is kind of weird, like theyre so shocked I would dye it. Wow, i have hair. It was orangey red/brown but now it's burgundy. Oh dear god. People seem to like it a lot, though. I guess they just dont expect me to do something like that, and the fact that i didnt say anything about doing it, but just showed up with burgundy hair surprised them.
Nothing else is really new.I'm still disappointed by the lack of a stable here, but i'm going to try and bike to the state park at some point. It's not very far and during business hours on a weekday it shouldn't be very heavily trafficked. It should be fun.
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