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So this is the first time he hasn't texted me a million times today, so I actually texted him. Does that mean I miss him?
But I've also been thinking of Trent. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? I think it's because I worked part of the day with yardley, who shares the distinction of being from new orleans. I heard her chatting to a customer about being from louisiana and he said "metairie" and I lost my concentration thinking about him. Damn. If it weren't for all the things wrong with him, we would have been a good couple. Also, my friend andrew posted a quiz on facebook that said he would have been good for LSU, which of course again made me think of him. How could I not? I kind of do miss him when he was normal. Of course, when he wasn't, what was the point? None.
Today I made reference to the idea of going back to school to pursue a graduate degree in Sociology and write my thesis on what I've learned in the shop and it really does kind of appeal to me. What could I do with that? Not much, but I could become a sociology professor at some point, post-masters and phd. It could be interesting. I'm reading Special Topics in Calamity Physics by Marisha Pessl right now and it discusses the protagonist's father as a professor and the way he is, and I have to say I find it admirable. The "quirks" of a professor and academic lifestyle appeal to me, even if I failed to achieve my goal with the graduate linguistics program at UGA. Maybe I would be more suited to sociology than linguistics? I have far too many linguistic hangups. I can't even speak to mili in Spanish and she's chilean. I had fun going to venus with her on friday, though. I really liked venus, actually.

Anyway, I guess I should bathe the two kittens for the first time ever, so I'm going to head off. Things are just too confusing.
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