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oh my

She had her kittens today. I walked into the back room to check my email and her a mewling and look over to the closet and see two kittens, one orange and one tortoiseshell. Holy mother. . . At least it's only two. She keeps licking herself, so I hope there aren't more on the way. The two that are out are clean and dry like they've been around a couple hours, so that leads me to believe she's done birthing, but you never know.
I was all set for her spay [etc] for next week, too! I guess I'm going to call the vet and see what they want me to do, if I should bring the babies in thursday for a checkup when I do the spay. Oh man. He said I had 2 weeks to get the spay done! *sigh*
At least I know someone who wants one of them. And hopefully I can find people around the restaurant who want a kitten.
I totally didn't expect this two days ago. Although, I did get a little suspicious this afternoon when I saw how much time she was spending in the closet.
Oh boy.
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