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I talked to Mom, I got my check from brad, and today I plan to check the balance in my account to be sure it cleared [not that I'm really concerned], then text brad to say thank you. It's good. I feel better being rid of the things. I tried to text trent and ask how his move went, being a NICE person and wanting not to leave on a bad note with him, but he was an ass, saying he didn't leave yet because he was "fucking all night", which led to an argument, I guess, which culminated in me saying I hope he has a nice life and that his next girlfriend is as sweet to him as he's been to me. So I'm through with that. He just has way too many issues. I mean, really, what sensible person would rather sit there and dirty text INSTEAD OF going to visit the person with whom he might otherwise be having SEX? And why is he growing attached to me when he's moving 14hours away when he wanted to break it off when I moved only four? Ridiculous.
But I think I might just enjoy the single life. I get hugs and kisses from the guys at work and I have my toys, so why do I need to complicate my life over a guy right now? I need to get my act together and go to the farm on norwood to check it out and also I think I am going to get into the paralegal thing. I talked to Mom about the courses at Armstrong this summer, the one on Criminal Practice and Procedures, which is one night a week, for eight weeks for only 135$, so I think I'm going to do that. Sign up for the course and start looking for legal jobs. I kind of like real estate, too, but I can't do anything there unless I get a car. I really love looking on at houses. When I talked to mom, I mentioned eventually [once I get a better paying job or a car] buying another house and renting out this one. She thought it wasn't a bad idea. Property is always a good investment, and especially since I will always be able to rent my house for almost twice what my mortgage is. . . Plus I think Savannah is a city that is on the grow.
In the meantime, though, I like my little house. I'll like it better once I sort through my furniture and sell the stuff I don't need and buy new/used furniture, but I do like it. It's comfortable. My only woe is that I want to create a social life for myself here, outside of work. But if I start riding again, that will help.
I was chastised the other day by carlos for not speaking to him in spanish. I guess that is pretty bad. Why learn all these languages if I don't use them? I studied for 7 years, but I don't bother to talk to people with it. Blah.
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